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Today, digital marketing has evolved into the primary marketing medium for all sorts of businesses. Marketing is becoming digital rapidly as it is predicted that there won’t be a physical interaction between a marketer and a prospect after five years.

Digital marketing has its step-by-step process in turning a prospect into a customer. Chatbots possess the potential to carry out these activities without human aid and at high accuracy. This has resulted in the rise of companies using chatbots in their marketing strategy. Here we break down on how you can capitalize on chatbots and upscale your business.     

The Conversational Tool   

In 2020, brands are primarily keen on initiating a conversation with their prospects. This is because brands have begun to believe that they could have a better understanding of a prospect by starting a conversation with him. Subsequently, they can know about customer expectations and frame their marketing strategy accordingly. Chatbots have the potential of building an effective conversation with a prospect. Today, social platforms have turned into a business- happening place as all the top brands are promoting their products through it. Recent surveys have noted that leading B2B brands will have nearly 65% of their total sales through social platforms by 2025. People have started to rely on social applications to know about a product before making a purchase and to sort out their queries regarding it. Since all the brands have their official social media pages, people raise their queries on these pages. Moreover, customers are expecting an instant reply from their service provider. Companies are using chatbots to perform this task. 

Chatbots are capable of providing instant reply to customer queries and can handle any number of customers at a time. So, you can cut down the cost of employing a customer service associate to respond to people. Notably, chatbots can function round-the-clock. Digital marketing experts have said that chatbots could give an appropriate reply to around 65% of customer queries. For instance, if you are willing to know about the status of an order you have placed, chatbots within a minute will check into it and come up with comprehensive detail about the status of the order. In such a manner, chatbots can provide a better customer experience. Trollishly, one of the social media service providers, is known for uplifting many companies’ business on social platforms.

Manages Data Effectively  

Social media marketing is entirely driven by data. Leading brands have their own social media analysts. The job of these people is to find customers for their brand. They will conclude whether a person could become their customer based on the data they collect about him. They will analyze and evaluate the data to determine which stage the prospect is present in the sales funnel. Thus, social media marketing entirely relies on the data collected and how you manipulate it. Today, billions of people are present on social applications. Instagram alone has around 1 billion monthly active users. Hence, these analysts are unable to process the huge chunk of data about every single person. Thus, chances are high for you to be unable to recognize your potential customers. 

Chatbots can be used to fill this void. They have the capability of collecting data about a large number of people. Moreover, it can analyze them effectively and will let you know who could turn into your customers. So, you can promote your product to those people and increase your social sales. Marketing experts have noted that chatbots analyze a prospect by collecting various data such as his purchase history, social media activity, interactions, etc. Thus, chatbots can uplift your social sales by driving leads to you effortlessly.   

Works Best For Personalization Marketing   

Recent studies have highlighted that brands that give importance can only achieve higher sales in the coming years. Customers’ interests have been rapidly changing with time. They get to know enormous information through the internet. Since they are very well aware of what they are going to purchase, they want their products to be personalized according to their wish. So, personalization is an essential factor to stand apart from the crowd and drive people towards you. Eventually, this had made personalization marketing to be crucial. Chatbots can be utilized in crafting effective personalized ads. 

For instance, let us consider a person has landed on your website and signed-off without making a purchase. Chatbots will provide insights about him, such as the product he looked at, his purchase history, his email id, and other data about his other internet activities. Based on these, you could have a better understanding of him and approach him with personalized advertisements. Consider that a person who landed at your e-commerce website has viewed your product and left in the mid-way without taking action. The chatbot will inform you about it. Hence, you can approach the prospect with a personalized ad stating that you can give the product at a specific discount. Chatbots will also scan your competitors’ social media handles and websites and let you know about people who could turn into your prospects. For example, if a person has commented on any of the posts of your competitors’ Facebook page that he has dissatisfied with a specific product, the chatbot will let you know about it.

Moreover, it will also provide possible data about that person. Thus, you will come to know what the person has been longing to have. So, based on the data offered by the chatbot, you can reach him out with a personalized message.   

Incorporate Chatbots Into Messaging Applications  

Adding chatbots into messaging applications will avail enormous benefits to you. Studies reveal that, on average, people spend 20 minutes on messaging platforms every day. Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, and WeChat have a considerable user base. Messenger is home to 1 billion users, which is anticipated to rise further in the future. H&M, one of the leading apparel brands, has scaled up its sales through its Messenger Chatbot. Once you land into the chatbot, you will be greeted with a welcome message ‘Happy to have you as a customer’, following which it will showcase collections. It also shows the various color combinations available for every apparel. If you are not pleased by a collection, it will immediately drop a message ‘Sorry for the inconvenience sir; please try this out’ and come up with a new recommendation. People who purchased through chatbots have stated that chatbots can come up with relevant suggestions matching their interests. Thus, chatbots have the potential to convince a person to buy a product on its own. Many have also noted that the conversational tone of chatbots has given them a better shopping experience.    

Wrapping Up   

Due to their capability to carry out various tasks with accuracy and fast pace, chatbots are expected to gain an indispensable role in digital marketing in the coming years. However, it is pertinent to notify that chatbots are still in their development stage, and researches are into it. 

Author: Claire Divas

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