Le Black Friday de Jumia 2020 en Chiffres

With just a few days leading to the biggest shopping season of the year, the usual buzz that seems to characterize the season has been drowned by the COVID-19 pandemic which has ravished world economies and affected businesses and people’s sources of income.

During this era of COVID-19, in-person business transactions have been limited. But the digital space has witnessed large volumes of online shoppers and customers. Entrepreneurs and small businesses can thus capitalize on the large volumes of online shoppers and customers to boost their Christmas sales. This article provides some 5 point fundamentals on how entrepreneurs and small businesses can position themselves for the biggest holiday sale.  

Plan and set goals

It is important to set a business objective for the season and draw up plans to achieving it. Without a well laid out plan, a good business goal and strategy will fall apart. Every business model whether large or small is drawing up marketing and sales plans for the season, and so should you. Begin by reviewing and analyzing past marketing, sales strategies, and campaign. This will provide you with adequate insight in determining the inventory for this year’s sales, tailoring deals, creating promotional offers, and replicating the strategies that worked while modifying those that didn’t.

Also, spend time researching the season’s sales and marketing strategies of your competitors to determine the marketing strategy you will use to reach your target customers.

Review current technology

This year, due to the coronavirus pandemic, the digital space has witnessed an onslaught of online shoppers and customers and thus forced several businesses to shift into the digital space to reach out to their customers. If you are solely trapped in the quicksand of in-person business transactions now is the time to quickly pull out and set up your digital mark.

On the other hand, if you are currently online, now is the time to review your current technology such as your online payment platforms and website. Ensure you test your checkout and payment systems as well as your website to ensure it is well-equipped to handle large volumes of shoppers, especially if your website is a stranger to high-volume traffic.

Also, ensure your website is mobile-friendly to take advantage of shoppers shopping via mobile devices.

Increase SEO efforts

Since 2020 has seen both businesses and individuals alike embracing the digital space, it is imperative to boost your Search Engine Optimization (SEO) efforts to ensure your brand ranks high in search results and capture the hearts of potential customers. You can do this by

  • Publishing content that’s relevant to your brand and is of high interest to your customers.
  • Identifying and utilizing keywords that will help you rank high in search results for customers to find your website.
  • Updating your content constantly so that customers have a reason to keep coming back to your website.
  • Using descriptive links (words you hyperlink describe what you’re linking to).

Use social media and email marketing

Social media has now become more than just a chat or picture sharing platform. Businesses both large and small are utilizing social media to their advantage and it is time you did as well. Use social media to attract potential customers and maintain current customers. As well as keep them informed about your products and services while influencing purchasing decisions such as running promotions and discounts.

Also, create an email list, and send weekly updates that highlight new merchandise, accentuates the uniqueness of your products/ services and other specials offers. Today’s customers expect a business to be highly and easily accessible and recognizable online. It is therefore important as an entrepreneur and business owner to build social media presence and email list to helps boost your business’s visibility amongst current and potential customers.

Provide exceptional customer service and competitive delivery pricing

This year has already been stressful and depressing for many no thanks to COVID-19. This is the time to spread joy and make your customer feel good about themselves by providing them with memorable and positive customer service. Make sure to have support teams to help your customers with any questions or problems they may have with your products or services. The key is to be a good listener, transparent and understanding as possible. Also, distinguish your business from your competitors and win the hearts of customers by offering an unbeatable shipping or delivery price.

Remember, satisfied customers mostly end up becoming a loyal customer.

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