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Small businesses and startups require business tools to grow their brand presence and digital marketing campaigns. Some business tools required by small business owners and entrepreneurs are quite costly and tend to take a huge bite of their budget.

However, Google offers amazing business tools that entrepreneurs and small business owners can take advantage of at little to no cost. Below are some great business tools from Google that your business can use.

#1 Google My Business
With Google holding a little over 75% of the search market share in 2019 and receiving about 5.6 billion searches in a day, using Google’s Google My Business can help increase your brand awareness and generate more leads. Google My Business is a free on-line tool designed to help promote local businesses online. It helps your business to connect with customers, get reviews and be located on Google Maps. Once a web user enters your company name or the product and services that you offer, your business information that you entered into Google My Business will become visible to the user.
This business tool is free and easy to set up but Google will need to verify your business which can take up to 14 days.

#2 Google Alerts
Google Alert is a notifications service tool. Thus, it helps you monitor specific content on the web. Google Alerts is particularly useful for your business as it helps you with the following:
• Monitor how many times your company has been mentioned by other sites or searched for.
• Take notice of what is being said about your company or products
• Receive information about your competitors activities and development
• Stay well informed about the industry you are in.
Google Alerts is easy to set up.
1. Visit
2. Type in the query you want to monitor in the search engine box
3. Select the kind of results you wish to follow (i.e. everything, news, blogs, video, discussions, or books).
4. Select how often you want to receive updates (i.e as-it-happens, once a day, or once a week).
5. Select if you want “Only the best results” or “All results.”
6. Select the email address you want your alerts to be sent to.
7. Click “Create Alert.”
A preview of your results will be indicated at the right hand side of the form:

#3 Google Workspace
Google Workspace formerly known as Google GSuite is a collection of cloud computing products or software that increases work productivity. It consists of Google Gmail, Contacts, Meet, Chat, Docs, Calendar etc. all in one space to help ensure a seamless workflow in your business operations. With Google Workspace, you can get an email address that matches your website’s domain together with other tools that allows for business productivity, conferencing, digital security, workflow organization and other benefits. Google workspace also allows your employees have their own email addresses with your business domain name. Google workspace is however not free. Figure below gives the charges per month depending on the package you go for.

Source: Google Workspace

#4 Google Ads

Google Ads as the name implies are advertisement you run on Google to boost your brand visibility to the top of search results. Like all advertisement, this is not free. Having a clear goal and online strategy can help you to attain a massive customer base. On the other hand, having a poorly defined online strategy will only burn through your pocket with little to no results.

#5 Google Analytics

If you have a website, you probably have Google Analytics set up on your site. But if not, it’s time you did since it provides clear insights into the performance of your website and digital channels. Google Analytics provides insight into the number of users that visit your website, the demographic of the users that visit your site, how long the visitors stayed on you site and much more. These insights help with targeted marketing and help you develop the right strategies to increase your conversion rate, boost revenue and sales.

#6 Google Digital Garage

Google Digital Garage is a free online course for anyone who wishes to learn more about online marketing.

“Learn at your own pace, with flexible and personalized training courses designed to build your confidence and help you thrive.

  • Discover tools to make your business succeed
  • Improve your interview skills
  • Prepare for the career you want,” a piece of information reads on their website.

Google Digital Garage is free and most importantly covers a wide range of topics that will provide you with the knowledge to take your business to greater heights.

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