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Gertrude Akosua Gyemfuah Awumee is an affable young lady who loves to read and write in her leisure time. Gertrude is making remarkable strides in Ghana’s indigenous Art and Craft industry.

She loves art and it brings her great satisfaction to create unique works of art with her knowledge and skills. She believes in the grace and will of God for her life, smart work, and growing and nurturing one’s value. Gertrude is a textile graduate from the Takoradi Technical University in the Western region of Ghana, and the founder and creative director of Trudie Art and Craft (TAC).

Trudie Art and Craft

Trudie Art and Craft (TAC) is an indigenous business known for designing and making quality and functional handmade bags of all kinds such as laptop backpacks, pouches, travel bags, ladies purses among other great products. Most of the materials used are genuine leather, wax prints, denim and burlap /jute. 

In the near future, she anticipates to display her works in well furnished workshops and showrooms across the country and beyond. This will enhance growth and expansion of her business, and enable her to employ more indigenous skills.

She says, “It would be a dream come true to see and have TAC products in every corner of the world.” 

Challenges- Trudie Arts & Crafts

Just like any other growing business,  Trudie Art and Craft has faced so many challenges in the 3 years of its existence and operations. Getting individuals (workers) to understand the need to improve on, and maintain the quality of products is a great struggle. Also, the local market does not provide enough options of materials for production and it is discouraging to learn that even the available materials cannot be found and purchased for work on regular terms. 

Achievements after 3 years in Business

The challenges have not been a stumbling block for Trudie Art and Craft. After 3 years of operation, its greatest achievements as a thriving business in Ghana cannot be emphasized enough. As a business, they love to celebrate both the small and big heights.

Over the three years of operations, the business has meticulously introduced great and unique handmade products into both the Ghanaian and international markets. The best sellers so far have been the Eyra Travel Bag, Obolo Laptop backpacks, ladies purses, Setiam bags and the Round Eli Bags. 

Trudie Art and Craft,
Eyra Mini travel bag
Trudie Art and Craft,
Setiam laptop bag
Trudie Art and Craft,
Sedi multifunctional purses (ladies)

The business currently employs four indigenous individuals, to meet its growing demand. This number will certainly shoot up, as operations expand locally and to the international market. The CEO mentions that;

“these individuals are able to provide for their needs and families and for us, this is ultimate”.

Contact Trudie Art and Craft :

Call or WhatsApp us on 054 7304 323 

Instagram (Trudie_art_craft) @

Facebook ( Trudie Art & Craft) @

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