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NAIROBI, Kenya, 7 June 2023-/African Media Agency (AMA)/- Adelle Onyango a popular Kenyan media personality and Founder of Legally Clueless Africa will be co-hosting Niyel’s second season of the health and immunisation podcast series – ‘Back to Doc’.

Following the successful airing and public response of the first season of the health and immunisation podcast and YouTube series ‘Hello Doc, production of Back to Doc which is the second season of the Pan-African show has begun in Dakar, Senegal. The series is produced by Niyel, an international advocacy and public affairs firm dedicated to influencing African policy, behaviours, and practices.

Similar to season one, there will be six episodes covering various health related topics. Season two will also be adapted for screen and viewers can expect stunning visuals and engaging narratives that showcase the diverse African continent.

The filming is being done in the recently launched Niyel Design and Production studio. The dedicated space, where the firm’s creative visions come to life, uses cutting-edge technology to illustrate designs and ideas for change-based initiatives that drive impact on the continent. 

“We highlight the faces, voices, and stories of the people we serve from a lens of empowerment and transformation, while making space for creativity and freedom of expression without boundaries. With representation of us, by us and for us, we make sure to tell the stories that matter—the stories that come from voices outside the known and are talked about. By entrusting ourselves and our dedicated community of advocates and innovators, we are able to share our vision with our clients, partners, and the world,” said Valerie Traoré, Niyel’s executive director and founder. 

Hosted by strong African voices like Nollywood actor Ike Ogbonna from Nigeria, popular Kenyan personality Adelle Onyango, Smarty a rapper and producer from Burkina Faso and journalist Bibiche M’Bete from DRC, the show will be in English and French, and feature a rich discourse of guests such as health practitioners, concerned citizens, survivors, community leaders, public health specialists, and holistic health practitioners. 

Expressing her excitement about co-hosting the show, Adelle Onyango said, “It is an incredible honour to not only represent Kenya on such a significant platform but also contribute to the progress of our continent and ensure that Africans have access to information that is created by us, and for us. Working alongside Ike Ogbonna is such a vibrant experience, and I am thrilled to have the opportunity to co-host this show together.” 

Back To Doc’ is a groundbreaking program that focuses on health advocacy, amplifying the voices of Africans in matters that profoundly affect their lives. Through crucial health concerns, the show strives to embolden people throughout the continent, encouraging active participation in healthcare. In its upcoming season, the show pledges to deliver invaluable knowledge on diverse health subjects to audiences via podcast, radio stations, TV, and social media channels. By fostering a sense of empowerment and community, ‘Back To Doc aims to inspire individuals and ignite positive change. 

Airing dates will be announced in the coming month.

For more information, visit or Niyel on Facebook and Instagram for regular updates.

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About Niyel

Founded in 2008, Niyel is an international advocacy and campaigning firm based in Dakar, Senegal. It works to promote public policies that are conducive to the development of all people, and to influence practices to ensure that as citizens, individuals, and communities, we understand the social, political, and cultural issues that affect our daily lives.

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Le Mali devient l’un des premiers pays d’Afrique à rendre visible ses TICS

BAMAKO, Mali, le 7 Juin 2023, /African Media Agency/- En mars dernier, N-Soft a implémenté une nouvelle solution de gouvernance pour l’internet mobile au Mali. Les tests de cette nouvelle solution de données ont été officiellement approuvés par les experts de l’AMRTP et de N-Soft.

Grâce à l’installation de ces solutions avancées de gouvernance numérique, le Mali se positionne comme l’un des pays pionniers en Afrique pour renforcer la transparence et la supervision de ses politiques nationales. Cette évolution offre un avantage considérable aux institutions financières mondiales et aux investisseurs qui recherchent une visibilité claire sur des secteurs spécifiques de l’économie afin de prendre des décisions d’investissement éclairées et d’accorder des prêts dans un environnement commercial fiable.

Depuis 2019, N-Soft supervise la voix mobile, les SMS et les transactions de Mobile Money au Mali, gérant par exemple un volume mensuel de transactions de mobile Money d’une valeur de 3.3 milliards de dollars par mois.

En signe de confiance, N-Soft s’est vu accorder une prolongation du contrat initial et fournit désormais une visibilité en temps réel sur les données mobiles, notamment en ce qui concerne le volume (téléchargement/upload) et la bande passante par application (OTT, Web, Streaming, etc.).

Cette extension du projet initial vise à superviser l’Internet mobile et à calculer en temps réel l’utilisation du volume et la bande passante générée par les applications mobiles Android, IOS, etc., afin de fournir une visibilité sur la bande passante réelle.

« N-SOFT est très honoré de la confiance que lui accorde l’AMRTP, renouvelée par la signature de ce projet. Ce projet vise à doter le Mali d’outil de régulation précis, lui donnant la visibilité totale sur les volumes internet consommés par les nationaux. 

Il ne s’agit pas de contrôler les usages que font les Maliens de l’Internet, mais de mesurer la bande passante globale utilisée par le Pays, de classifier les applications OTT (eg : WhatsApp, YouTube, Netflix, Spotify etc..) en fonction de leur adoption par la population, et d’une multitude de questions similaires. 

Le Mali compte aujourd’hui parmi nos partenaires privilégiés et nous continuerons de mobiliser toutes nos ressources pour lui apporter la visibilité totale sur son environnement numérique » explique Alex-Ariel Tchetgnia, Vice-Président des Services chez N-Soft.

N-Soft supervise les secteurs numériques depuis plus de dix ans ; ses solutions de gouvernance sont les meilleures du secteur, éprouvées dans de nombreux pays. Elles aident les gouvernements à lutter contre l’économie informelle et l’évasion fiscale en fournissant une visibilité complète sur l’économique numérique.

Les solutions N-Soft couvrent la télévision payante, l’industrie des jeux et des paris, l’importation de téléphones mobiles, la publicité numérique, les services financiers et tout autre secteur faisant partie de l’économie numérique.

La transparence apportée par les outils N-Soft optimise la mobilisation des ressources domestiques en permettant aux gouvernements d’enrayer les fuites de revenus. Seul un suivi minutieux de toutes les transactions garantit aux gouvernements la perception de tous les impôts qui leur sont dus.

Distribué par African Media Agency (AMA) pour N-Soft.

A propos de N-Soft

Fondé en 1986, N-Soft a développé une solide réputation dans les solutions technologiques de

gouvernance. N-Soft propose des solutions de supervision aux autorités gouvernementales dans

tous les secteurs en mettant l’accent sur le suivi et la gestion des revenus et volumes d’ activités.

Pour de plus amples informations ou demandes de renseignements, veuillez consulter le site ou envoyer un courriel à

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Emmanuelle Gold 

Directeur Marketing

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Mali becomes one of the first states in Africa to bring visibility to its digital sector

BAMAKO, Mali, 7 June 2022, /African Media Agency/- N-Soft has delivered a new governance solution for mobile internet in Mali enabling the country to enhance transparency and oversight of its domestic policies. The testing of the new data solution was officially approved recently by the experts of AMRTP, the regulatory authority for telecoms, TICS, and, mails from the Malian state and N-Soft.

With the implementation of these advanced digital governance solutions, Mali emerges as one of the pioneering nations in Africa to enhance transparency and oversight of its domestic policies. This development offers a significant advantage for global financial institutions and investors who seek clear visibility into specific sectors of the economy to make informed investment decisions and provide loans within a trustworthy business environment.

N-Soft has been managing mobile voice, SMS, and mobile money in Mali since 2019. For example, they are overseeing USD 3 billion in mobile money transactions per month. 

As a vote of confidence, N-Soft was granted an extension of the initial contract and now provides real-time visibility on Mobile Data service with regards to volume (download/upload), and the bandwidth per application (OTT, Web, Streaming, etc.)

This service extension also aims at overseeing mobile internet and calculating, in real-time, volume usage, the bandwidth generated by Androids’ mobile apps, apple, etc. to bring visibility over the effective bandwidth. 

“N-SOFT is highly honored by the trust bestowed upon it by the AMRTP, reaffirmed by the signing of this project. This project aims to provide Mali with a precise regulatory tool, giving it complete visibility into the internet volumes consumed by its nationals.

It is not about controlling how Malians use the internet, but rather measuring the overall bandwidth used by the country, classifying OTT applications (e.g., WhatsApp, YouTube, Netflix, Spotify, etc.) based on their adoption by the population, and addressing a multitude of similar questions.

Mali is now among our privileged partners, and we will continue to mobilize all our resources to provide it with complete visibility into its digital environment.” Explains Alex-Ariel Tchetgnia, VP of services at N-Soft.

Since N-Soft has been a Digital Sector Supervisor for more than ten years, its governance solutions stand out in the GovTech sector as tried-and-true and reliable. They can assist any government in tackling the informal economy and tax avoidance by providing full visibility into the mobile data industry.

N-Soft solutions can also be used in other sectors besides mobile telephony. In addition, they supervise pay TV, the gambling and betting industry, mobile phone importation, digital advertising, financial services, and any other sectors part of the digital economy. 

The transparency brought by N-Soft tools can be used for the volume of transactions, as in Mali’s case, or for revenue mobilization to allow governments to pinpoint revenue leakages to maximize revenue mobilization. Such thorough tracking ensures that governments can collect all taxes owed to them.

Distributed by African Media Agency on behalf of N-Soft.

About N-Soft

N-Soft was founded in Paris in1986 and has developed a solid reputation in world-leading governance technologies. N-Soft caters solutions to Government authorities across sectors with an emphasis on monitoring and managing revenues, and volume of activities.

For more information or inquiries, please visit or email

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Emmanuelle Gold 

Marketing Director

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